This comparison between ELP’s Best Of and the original tracks showed a small surprise.  First off, I had to exclude the Fanfare For The Common Man track because the Best Of version was edited down by 5 minutes.  I was surprised to see that the final track in my comparison, Trilogy, was so much louder on my original disc than the Best Of disc.  This made me suspicious that I had a reprocessed Trilogy CD.  But checking the waveform on my Trilogy CD, it didn’t seem overly blown out.

So, until I source a different pressing of Trilogy to compare, this is what the waveform differences are between most of the tracks on the ELP Best Of cd.  Interesting that the originals are hotter than the compilation.  Granted, my Best Of is a Target version, but I also hear that ELP – Best Of Targets are quite common.

ELP - Best Of