Comparative Visualization

AC-DC - For Those About To Rock, We Salute You

Album Information

Catalog #: SD 11111-2
Barcode: 07567814632
Matrix: 250851 @ 1

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Catalog #: 92412-2
Barcode: 075679241221
Matrix: 3 92412-2 SRC##01 M1S2

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The GF picked up this CD for me while on a road trip.  As it turned out, I already had it, and moreso, I had an original pressing, where this one was clearly labeled as a remaster in the liner notes.  And from past experience, it’s pretty well known what to expect from a remaster.

The sound is slammed, with no visual dynamics anymore.  You can see in tracks 1,3,4 and 6 of the original, there is a buildup of intensity as the song goes on.  The remaster loses this buildup.  It’s full on all the time.  And this is why people who like music avoid remasters.  However, to its slight credit, you can see the remaster has a higher top-end, if that makes up for anything.