This blog uses Flickr as its image store.  If you hadn’t been following, Flickr was sold off by Yahoo and the new owners made a change to the free plan, which I use.  Instead of allowing 1TB of unlimited photos for free users, which even I find excessive, they changed the free accounts to be limited to 1000 photos.  On a scheduled date, if you had over 1000 photos in your account, some would be removed until you were within the limit.

This blog has maybe 80 images or so, but on Flickr, I also had waveforms of all of my CDs, individually.  There was no need for them, but if I had a TB of space to use, why not.  However, that put me well over the new 1k limit, so I did some major purging on Flickr.  Caught up in that action were some of the images used here.

Not that I get any traffic that would give half a shit that 20 or so images were missing, I set up to regenerate the missing images from the .wf files in each post.  I was able to recreate all of them, except for one, which will require re-reading the CDs… if I even still have them.

And along with that task of regenerating the images, I also had to update my Waveform utility to support reading .wf files created before the spectrum feature was added.

So all that’s done.  To the never-forming crowds clamoring for this type of data, you’re welcome.  I have at least two more comparisons in the buffer: another Billy Joel album and a Steve Morse album.  Maybe I will revisit some old posts and improve the commentary.