I’ve done a little over 30 posts on this blog so far and I figure it’s time for a quick review of what takeaways I have from the experience.

First, the CDWaveform utility works pretty well.  I’ve made a couple small enhancements based on my needs and usage, most significantly, the selection and ordering of tracks.

Second, I wasn’t prepared to see so few significant differences between different CD pressings, but now I know.  I don’t fear club CDs as much as I used to, but I will still probably prefer a retail version first if there is a choice.  I don’t have as many duplicates of later CDs, that’s not exactly my era of music.  I also tend to avoid remasters, so I’m not exactly a completist, where I need every release for a band.

On the blog layout, I chose the current theme because I could use a background image for the posts.  I intended to use the waveform comparison image, which would look pretty cool.  But the background image feature seems to require using the WordPress media library, which I don’t use.  All of my post images are linked to Flickr.  I don’t exactly want to get into the position where I run out of space in the media library.  Not only that, it’s a PIA to upload the images to two different places.  So, I may experiment with other layouts at some point.  I’ve been using a template for my posts, which I think will lend some long-term consistency to the blog.  I still use Windows Live Writer, even though support for it has been gone for years.

I may revise the tags I use on the posts.  I think it might be useful to see which posts involve a remastered version of an album.  I think identifying three levels of differences should continue to be sufficient.

I am out of duplicate CDs that I want to compare.  With the recent enhancement to select individual tracks for comparison, I will probably start some posts comparing individual tracks like a song from the original album and the same song from a compilation disc.  One instance jumps to the front of my mind there.  It was a VH-1 Behind The Music CD for The Go-Go’s.  The songs on that disc were seriously compressed.  I’d like to see just how much.

Until the next checkpoint, enjoy the audio-visuals.