This comparison is between a compilation album put out by VH1 and the original albums.  However, the results are not quite what I expected.  The compilation covers three main albums and an extra track and when I saw the results of the original tracks, I was rather surprised they were as loud as they were.  Well, the first two albums were, at least.  The third, Talk Show, seemed more reasonable for an early pressing.  Since Talk Show is out of print, there haven’t been remasters of it yet.

These results have convinced me I need to find earlier versions of my first two albums.  That means I’ll do an album waveform comparison between them, too.

In the meantime, we can see that the VH1 compilation has been boosted and compressed, which is something I immediately noticed when I first heard the CD.  You can see in the original first song (from beauty And The Beat), the levels peak much higher than the last songs (from Talk Show).  However, the VH1 version is maxed throughout.

The Go Gos - VH1 Behind The music